Brits Holograms Services


We make all your events special, successful and incredible. HYPERVSN 3D holographic visual solution is a perfect fit for any sort of private and corporate events

·       corporate parties

·       presentations

·       exhibitions

·       weddings

·       birthdays

·       anniversaries

·       and many more.

·       private parties

·       product/service/brand launches

·       brand promotion

·       funerals

·       thematic events: Halloween, Christmas, New Year, St. Valentine Day, national holidays



Trade shows, industry fairs and exhibitions

Holographic HYPERVSN Wall for ABB stand makeover at a trade show in Greece

HYPERVSN hologram at a tradeshow in Greece

HYPERVSN Wall at Volkswagen product launch at Vietnam Motor Show

HYPERVSN 3D holograms at Volkswagen motor show event

HYPERVSN Wall events decor at the international Shopping Mall Summit in Malaysia

HYPERVSN LED fan at Shopping Mall Summit event in Malaysia

Presentation of HYPERVSN holograms at CIIE in Shanghai for the Chinese government

HYPERVSN LED holo fans at CIIE Shanghai

Bars, restaurants and live concerts

HYPERVSN hologram like visuals at a live concert performance in Singapore

HYPERVSN 3D holo display at live music performance in a bar

HYPERVSN 3D holographic displays during a product campaign in a UK bar

HYPERVSN 3D holographic display at UK bar

Product launches and product activations

Puma Grand Store Opening and Ader Error holographic product launch in Hong Kong

HYPERVSN LED holographic Wall at Puma product launch event in Hong Kong

HYPERVSN at Nike Air new show model product activation in Seoul, South Korea

HYPERVSN 3D hologram wall at NIKE product launch in South Korea

Corporate VIP events and special campaigns

Her Majesty The Queen’s 92nd birthday party in the British Embassy in Vietnam

HYPERVSN hologram like visuals at QBP VIP event in Vietnam

HYPERVSN Wall for Moët Hennessy 15-day campaign at VIP space at Roland Garros

HYPERVSN LED holographic Wall at Moet Hennessy VIP corporate event

International and local sports events

HYPERVSN holographic displays at World Golf Championship in Mexico

HYPERVSN holographic LED display at World Golf Championship sports event

HYPERVSN shining at FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola in Costa Rica

HYPERVSN LED hologram display at Coca Cola FIFA event

Culture, fashion and society

HYPERVSN Wall at the UN headquarters for the Generation Unlimited initiative

HYPERVSN LED fan at UNICEF international event

HYPERVSN at Fashion is GREAT Diversity Catwalk at AltaRoma

HYPERVSN at Altaroma fashion event in Rome Italy

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