Spectacular HYPERVSN holograms for your private and corporate live events

We are passionate about offering the best events solutions to our customers. That’s why we partnered up with HYPERVSN to create truly mesmerizing 3D holographic installations just for you.


About Us

We are Brits Holograms, a UK creative private and corporate events management company based in Northampton. We always do what it takes to turn your event, party or a tradeshow into a true success.

With the help of one-of-a-kind HYPERVSN hologram technology, we are able to make your event a major draw and a unique experience!

We offer events services for a variety of industries and business verticals which HYPERVSN 3D holographic display system is particularly tailored for.

From birthday parties, concerts and weddings, to corporate events, presentations and trade shows, Brits Holograms experts will always do all it takes to turn your event into a spectacular experience!

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to enquire about your next spectacular event with us!

HYPERVSN Events Solution

HYPERVSN integrated 3D holographic display solution is a disruptive and innovative combination of hi-tech HYPERVSN LED video projectors, comprehensive Pro Management Software and a smart 3D Creation Tool.

Based on the latest LED technology, HYPERVSN allows to display 3D visuals with a realistic hologram like effect drawing attention of your target audience and event visitors. The holographic visuals are incredibly bright, juicy colourful and just perfect for displaying your brand at its best!

HYPERVSN 3D hologram installations

Check out some fascinating 3D holographic HYPERVSN installations at trade shows, exhibitions, product launches and even fashion weeks around the world!

Amazing 3D holograms of Coca Cola brands spinning around visitors at FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour by Coca-Cola in Costa Rica.
Spectacular HYPERVSN 3D holographic visuals especially for Her Majesty The Queen’s Birthday VIP Party in Thailand.
HYPERVSN projection units were installed right at Fashion is GREAT Diversity Catwalk with Sadie Clayton and UK Department of International Trade in Rome during the famous AltaRoma.
Grand 3D holographic HYPERVSN Wall for Nike on Air product launch in Seoul, South Korea.
Stunning HYPERVSN Wall for Volkswagen presentation of Tiguan Allspace car model at Motor Show Vietnam 2018.

Brits Holograms specialists are dedicated to turn your private or corporate event into a unique and memorable experience.

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